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[SOLVED] Angularjs components – How to pass-in arguments in callbacks

It’s pretty straightforward but not very clear in the documentation, so how do you pass-in arguments in a callback in an Angular component? In your Angular component you have to bind your callback with ‘&’ and return an object with the passed-in name as key: Angular-component.html <my-component callback=”$ctrl.callback(keyName)”></my-component> Angular-template.html <button ng-click=”${‘foo’:’bar’})”>Pass object to callback</button> Angular-component-and-controller.js […]

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The lazy loading SEO problem, SOLVED!

The SEO problem TL;DR: – short story: Lazy loaded images won’t be indexed by search bots like googlebot! Long story: The purpose of lazy loading images is to speed up a website’s performance without pushing extra HTTP requests through a full page refresh. The goal is to save bandwidth on visitors who may never scroll down […]

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bLazy.js – A lazyload image script

2016.10.25: New release, bLazy version 1.8.2 bLazy is a lightweight script for lazy loading and multi-serving images. It’s written in pure JavaScript why it doesn’t depend on 3rd-party libraries such as jQuery. bLazy works on all modern browsers, including on IE7+. Demo | Download | Examples Contents How to use bLazy Options Selector Offset Container Callbacks, success & error […]

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