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[SOLVED] Angularjs components – How to pass-in arguments in callbacks

It’s pretty straightforward but not very clear in the documentation, so how do you pass-in arguments in a callback in an Angular component? In your Angular component you have to bind your callback with ‘&’ and return an object with the passed-in name as key: Angular-component.html <my-component callback=”$ctrl.callback(keyName)”></my-component> Angular-template.html <button ng-click=”${‘foo’:’bar’})”>Pass object to callback</button> Angular-component-and-controller.js […]

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Sitecore Admin Pages – EXPLAINED

Did you know that Sitecore comes with a bunch of admin pages?  And not just a couple? They’re quite hidden and undocumented but still very useful and can help with debugging and clarification of your solution. The admin pages varies  from Sitecore version to version why my overview will be based on what’s available in the latest Sitecore version, […]

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